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    Abcam supplies the best products...

    We make our own antibodies as well as sourcing other excellent products from a variety of suppliers.  This means we are able to add 600-800 new products every month and ensures we bring customers the very best products available regardless of source.

    Our products cover research areas such as Cancer, Cardiovascular, Chromatin and Nuclear Signaling, Immunology, Neuroscience, and Stem Cells, and includes a growing range of non-primary antibody products such as secondary antibodies, kits, proteins, peptides, and lysates, and provides the best service

    Whether you buy online, or fax, we want you to have the best experience from beginning to end.  Our online search facility shows what we offer across all our product ranges, and our comprehensive datasheets provide you with all the essential information you need to make that important decision.  We know information about applications and species, and supporting data such as references, images and reviews are crucial for you to find the right product, so as soon as we know something new about one of our products, we update our online datasheet.

    We provide expert scientific support for all of our products to enable you to achieve the result you should expect (we have over 40 PhDs in-house to answer your queries).  We guarantee that all products will work as described on our datasheets, or we will give you a replacement or refund.

    We ship all around the world from our offices in the UK, US, Japan and Hong Kong, with next day delivery to most of Europe and North America.  If, for any reason, an item is not in stock, we will keep you informed of your order and aim to get it to you as quickly as possible.



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